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On this page, I will post selected writings that I have done for school or for pleasure. Some are essays, some are book/article reviews, and others are research papers. Please feel free to read them, and let me know what you think!

Annotated Bibliography: The Civilian Conservation Corps

This was written for my Historical Thought class. It is an exhaustive research of the available materials on the CCC. It contains a bibliographic essay, as well as descriptions of over 30 different sources.

 Book_Review: Women and the Work of Benevolence and The Grimké Sisters

This was written for my Jeffersonian-Jacksonian Democracy (History 525) class. It is a review of two books that I selected to read. I was nominated to present this paper at the annual OSU Academy of History Conference by my professor.

Was the Civil Rights Movement a Success?

A brief essay for my History 566 course, and my opinion of the Civil Rights movement.

Essay: The Second American Revolution

This was a part of an essay exam I did for Jeff-Jack Democracy. Its been a really long time since I wrote it, but I believe its about the changing of the guard from the Federalist party to the Democratic-Republicans at the time of the War of 1812.

Freedmen's Bureau Education: A research paper

A research paper, about the involvement of the Freedmen's Bureau in education of free blacks during Reconstruction.

My Resume


Party systems in Early America

Another part of an essay exam. I believe it is a compare/contrast of the early political party system in the U.S.

Slavery and Paternalism

Wrote it too long ago to give a decent description.

Slaves and Politics

An essay about the progression of U.S. policy regarding slavery from the onset of the Civil War. Pretty informative.

Sputnik and the U2: How each affected the course of the Cold War

My final paper in History 566. A study of two major Cold War events that are often glossed over in the history books. I really enjoyed researching/writing this one.

Were the 1950's the Best Decade Ever?

Another brief essay for my History 566 class. Read it to see my answer.

The Frontier Debate

A paper about differing views of Frederick Jackson Turner's "Frontier Thesis" written for my Historical Thought class.

Women's Work and Ethnicity: Racial and Ethnic Divide's in Women's Work in America

My final paper for American Women's History. Who knows why I picked such a complicated topic.

Women's Activism

Part of an essay exam for American Women's History. It is about women's activism up until the post-Civil War period.

Women's Work Essay

Part of an essay exam for American Women's History. It is about women's involvement in the work force up until the post-Civil War period. It was part of a midterm essay exam that I received a 100% on!

African American Women: An Essay

Another part of my Women's History midterm. This is about African-American women during the antebellum period, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.

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