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Pursuing post-secondary enrollment at Mount Vernon Nazarene College has provided valuable experience for LHS senior Jacqui Sparks. As well as obtaining most of her general core curriculum credits, she gained important skills for succeeding in courses at the college level.

"With the credit hours I have accumulated, after only one semester next year, I will be considered a junior," emphasized Jacqui. "I really have gained a sense of accomplishment. I feel I have gotten ahead of the game."

Getting her general core all but completed at MVNC has allowed Jacqui to further explore her academic interests. During her studies at MVNC, her possible career interests have shifted from the fields of biology and medicine to history and political science.

She will be attending Ohio State University Newark Campus starting this fall to pursue these interests. She plans to complete a bachelor of arts degree in History with a possible minor in political science. With this foundation she plans to attend Marshall Law School at Cleveland State University or Ohio State University School of Law. Her career aspirations include becoming a criminal defense lawyer and possibly having her own law practice.

During her time as a student at LHS, Jacqui was involved in the band for two years. She played trumpet, marching horn, and French horn during her stay in the band.

"The transition from a private junior high to the high school was sometimes tough, but band really gave me a chance to get to know people that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise." Jacqui enjoyed band until her college schedule no longer allowed her to participate.

She was also involved in out of school community service. She volunteered as a student aid in Mr. Paul Sellars’ multiple- handicap class at Mount Vernon High School. She assisted MH students with their in class assignments, participated in class activities, and developed friendships with many of the students.

Outside of school and other activities, Jacqui worked at the Loudonville Public Library for nearly two years. In her position as a page, she files books, assists librarians in various projects, and assists patrons in finding materials. "I really enjoyed working there," related Jacqui. "It is a learning experience as well as a job."

Jacqui is the daughter of Gary and Christy Sparks. She really credits her accomplishments during her high school years to the caring home her parents have provided her. "They have always encouraged me to do my best. They have always offered support when I’ve needed it. They’ve given me praise for all of my accomplishments, no matter how big or small they might be."